Monthly deals are ideal for artists and producers looking to gain regular access to The Cave 2.0 to use on their own or with their own engineer.


Our discounted deals for regular use give experienced & up and coming engineers and producers the options to advertise their services and simply bring in their clients whenever they have work, without owning their own professional recording studio. You’ll get such a great rate as a member that with regular use your costs are quickly recovered. We also have producer clients who have their own home studios but use our studio once or twice a week to finish off some mixes or track vocals for a few hours in a more professional environment.

Get a weekly pre-booked slot with the option to change sessions.

One Fixed Weekly Slot
AM 10:00 to 16:00
PM 16:00 to 22:00


£180 Per Month

One Fixed Weekly 4 Hour Session

(25% Discount)


£270 Per Month

One Fixed Weekly 6 Hour Session

(25% Discount)

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